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Love of The Law

TThe founding attorneys of Pacific Injury Law Firm went to law school to learn to help people. With backgrounds in engineering and politics, they are natural problem solvers. They admire the law's ability to effectuate real change for actual, human individuals - not just corporations and big business.
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Service for Individuals

Out of law school, our founding lawyers were drawn to the service for actual people, tenaciously arguing in court for individuals' rights. With first practice areas focusing on criminal defense, litigation for individuals and small business owners, divorce and family law, and family law, our attorneys quickly learned the importance of listening to the client and extensive trial preparation. Most lawyers rarely (or sometimes never) step foot in a courtroom, not so with the attorneys at Pacific Family Law Firm. All of our practice areas have required extensive battle testing in trial. With experience arguing on behalf of clients before countless judges, juries, and even Oregon Appellate and Supreme Court justice panels, we take pride in the ability to assist our clients at all levels of the justice system.

Experienced Attorneys, New Firm

The founding attorneys at Pacific Injury Law Firm have known and respected each other as colleagues since their earliest days in practice. Having worked jointly or even opposite each other in past cases, they maintained a friendship and respect for each other's demeanor, mutual respect for the law, honesty, and legal skills. In the final months of 2019, they decided over a business lunch to join forces and build a practice to help injured Oregonians with a joint vision: building success through consistently great service.

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Great Service as A Cornerstone

TTo that end, the attorneys masterminded and founded Pacific Injury Law Firm. Some personal injury law firms are known as "mills," investing their time and resources in advertising to bring in many cases to settle as quickly as possible. While this model might lead to more vacations and fewer client discussions, it does not bring in the best results for the client. While our attorneys certainly value free time, the vision is to grow our firm by only hiring people with a similar commitment to clients. We believe that consistently excellent service leads to happy clients, and satisfied clients lead to business growth. It's not a novel idea; it's just increasingly rare in today's cynical world of social media and aggrandizing self-promotion. There's a reason why "under-promise over-deliver" is still a core tenant of business schools around the nation.

You Hired Lawyers, Talk to Lawyers

We believe it's reasonable for clients to expect to talk with the professionals they hired. While Pacific Injury Law Firm will undoubtedly use staff, paralegals, and various assistants to streamline the workup of your case, the core work and client discussions will be with the actual trial lawyer assigned to your case. We believe that the best way for us to learn the nuances of your case and personality - and become passionate about it – is to talk to you, the client. You can expect to work directly with us most of the time, not an assistant.

How can we help? Getting your best possible recovery is our top priority.

The physical, emotional, and psychological damage from an accident of any kind, which causes personal injury can be all-consuming. Let us take care of the law. You take care of the healing.

With Pacific Injury Law Firm, you can expect a lot.

1. Talk to Lawyers

In most firms, it is the staff that handles the bulk of your case. You end up dealing with paralegals, assistants, or clerks instead of the lawyer you signed up with. At Pacific Injury, assistants may handle the paperwork and occasional informational calls, but most of the time, you will be working with your actual trial attorney.

2. Streamlined Representation

Our office and injury attorneys have built the firm from the ground up with efficiency in mind. Paperless, custom-built data centers for instant access to all file information, and flexible communication by phone, email, and even secure instant messaging. We want you to be able to participate as part of the team in your case.

3. Honest Assessment of Case

Far too many personal injury "mills" are out to settle your case as fast as possible so they can move on the next. Pacific Injury was founded by lawyers who are used to the courtroom and don't run from it. If getting you top-dollar for your injury means taking the matter to a jury, we will do it. If you are ready for a trial, we won't back down either.

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Practice Areas

Learn more about the types of injuries our Attorneys help with.

Car Accident Injury

Car accidents turn lives upside down, leaving a trail of injuries and medical bills. In the chaotic aftermath, let us guide you through the legal maze and secure the compensation you deserve.

Commercial Truck Accident Injury

Big trucks often mean significant accidents. When one of these beasts of the road goes off script, it can cause huge damage. Let us navigate the complexities of commercial insurance.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases are some of the hardest matters to handle for clients because money cannot replace a loved one. However, after death from negligence, financial recovery can help the family move f

Personal Injury

Discover expert personal injury legal support with Pacific Injury Law Firm in Oregon. Specializing in securing compensation for the injured, we navigate the complexities of the law, so you focus on re

Pedestrian Accident Injury

Sometimes you don't even have to be driving to be in a car accident. Did you know that car insurance can and does cover pedestrian accidents? We do. Let us help.

Motorcycle Accident Injury

Discover expert representation for motorcycle accident injuries in Oregon with Pacific Injury Law Firm. Our dedicated attorneys specialize in overcoming biases and securing maximum compensation for mo

Premises Liability

Stores and places open to the public have a duty to keep you safe. If negligence causes slips, trips, burns, breaks, or falls, we can help.

Bicycle Accident Injury

In Oregon's cycling community, accidents impact deeply. Our lawyers focus on swift insurance claims for injured cyclists. You focus on recovery; we'll get you back in the saddle financially.

Oregon Drunk Driver Accident Injury

Drunk driving accidents shatter lives. We're here to hold offenders accountable and fight for your recovery every step of the way.

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